City of Memphis – 2011 Fiscal Dashboard

Michigan’s dashboards were proposed by Governor Rick Snyder to provide citizens with a quick assessment of the city’s performance in five key areas that affect you and your family: economic strength; health and education; value for money government; quality of life; and public safety. To view the City of Memphis Dashboard, click on the thumbnail attachment below.

Unfortunatly, due to some larger roadway projects, the numbers appear to paint our “Expenditures per capita” and “Fund Balance as % of Annual GF Expenditures” as a negative in the current year.  This is somewhat misleading factor, as it has been City policy to save for roadway projects over a number of years and then spend them in a single year on street project.  If further clarification on this document is needed, feel free to contact the City offices and request a call from the Mayor or a City Councilman who can better explain the particular factors that have impacted this report.

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